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Musician Stage 4 Activity Badge

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To purchase this badge you need to fit the following criteria – be a registered Badge Secretary, Section or Assistant Section Leader or a County or District Administrator.

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  • Type: Woven with merrow border
  • Size: 40mm

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Musician Stage 4 Activity Badge

A piano player, a guitar hero or singing sensation - whatever you want to be, practice and perform with these great activities developing your skills along the way.

How to earn the badge:

1. Skill

  • Reach Grade Three standard for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (or similar). It can be on an instrument of your choice or by singing.

2. Performance

  • Sing or play three different types of song or tune on your chosen instrument. One should be a solo and one should be played with other musicians in an arrangement of your choice. Your performance should be public, such as at a Group show, school concert or church service.

3. Knowledge

  • Demonstrate some of the musical exercises that you use to practice your skills.
  • Talk about your instrument and why you enjoy playing it. Alternatively, talk about the songs you sing and why you enjoy singing them.
  • Talk about some of the musicians who are associated with your instrument.

4 Interest

  • Talk about your own interests in music, including what you listen to most and how it’s similar or different to the music you play or sing.
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