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Squirrels Appreciation Day Woven Blanket Badge

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About this product
  • Type: Woven with merrow border
  • Paper backing
  • Size: 7 x 7.8cm
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A woven badge with a merrow border featuring the Squirrel Scouts logo to celebrate Squirrel appreciation day.

The 21st of January is a day to celebrate our furry little friends that offer joy and entertainment to everyone across the five continents which they inhabit. According to the founder of Squirrel Appreciation Day, wildlife rehabilitator, Christy Hargrove, people should help celebrate squirrels by putting out extra food and learning about the species.

Winter is a tough time for squirrels across the UK, much as it is for other garden wildlife. Food is often scarce and reliable water can be hard to find when the temperature drops, freezing water sources. This also leads to frozen ground, which means squirrels may not be able to get access to their previously buried food caches, so you might share some sustenance with your local squirrels, or simply admire their persistence and grace.

Find activities for Squirrel Appreciation Day on the Scouts activity finder

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