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Star Wars Young Jedi Adventure Blanket Badge

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventure Blanket Badge

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About this product

Woven badge with merrow border

Dimensions; Height 70mm, Width 51mm

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We're delighted to announce we have joined forces with Disney to create a range of blanket badges. Together we've co-designed a programme of exciting new activities to teach our youngest Scouts core values. Our latest out-of-this-world collaboration is with Star Wars’ Young Jedi Adventures. Join us on an epic adventure to learn about the world around us, develop team building skills and be brave to try new things. Each activity comes with a Jedi Meditation to help Jedi younglings reflect on what they’ve learnt.

By taking part in our range of new activities, Squirrel’s can earn their Star Wars’ Young Jedi Adventures Fun Badge.

Useful Links:

Disney’s Supporter Page:

Star Wars’ Young Jedi Adventures Activities: