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Gilwell Park Blanket Badge - Gidney Cabin

The Gidney Cabin Blanket Badge is a...The Gidney Cabin Blanket Badge is a must-have for your Scout badge collection, honoring the heritage of Scouting and Gilwell Park. One of six designs available, each badge represents a different landmark or figure.   Read more
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Woven with merrow border

Paper backing 7cm diameter 

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£1.50 delivery for orders of badges and woggles only.

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The Gidney Cabin Badge, a great addition to your scouting badge collection. One of six designs available to collect. These badges pay homage to the historic landmarks and influential figures that define Gilwell Park, the heart of scouting heritage. Each badge captures the essence of a different landmark or significant individual associated with Gilwell Park. From the iconic Gilwell Oak to our founder, Lord Baden Powell, every badge tells a unique story of the rich history and enduring legacy of scouting. Perfect for sewing onto your blanket or poncho.
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