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Scouts Earth Day Blanket Badge

Celebrate the wonders of nature with our...Celebrate the wonders of nature with our Fleur de Lis Scouts Earth Day blanket badge   Read more
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Woven Label


Merrow Border1C

Thin paper backing

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Let our Fleur de Lis Scouts Earth Day blanket badge serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving our planet's beauty and biodiversity. Join us in honoring Earth Day every day, and proudly show your dedication to the environment. Perfect for sewing onto your blanket or poncho.

Everybody’s Earth

Since the industrial revolution humans have spilled oil in the sea, polluted the air and land with chemicals, cut down vast areas of rainforest and driven some animals to extinction. Naturally, this has not sat well with Earth’s more environmentally conscious inhabitants.

On April 22nd 1970, millions of people from all walks of life marched on to the streets across America, united by the desire to end these decades of environmental degradation. 50 years later, Earth Day has become a global annual event, urging everyone to do their bit to curb climate change, prevent pollution and save endangered species.

As part of the Scouting movement, we have a responsibility to care for the planet as much as for each other, and by taking small steps together we can make big changes. 

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