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25 WSJ - The UK Contingent's Brand Is Here

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25 WSJ - The UK Contingent's Brand Is Here
Watch out. Scouts released the brand for the UK Contingent attending the 25 World Scout Jamboree into the wild!

Of course, this is an incredibly exciting moment for the UK Contingent team, but also for the wider movement too – as we hope everyone will get the chance to be involved in the World Scout Jamboree in 2023. It’s also a chance for the UK Team to show that this UK Contingent is truly shaped by young people and is inclusive at its heart.
From the outset, the UK Contingent understood that branding isn’t for everyone. The UK Contingent brand is a way of talking about themselves and presenting themselves in a consistent, inclusive, and inspiring way. 

"Dreams do only come true when we work together. That’s why we’re a team."

From the outset, young people and adults have co-created the UK Contingent brand.

At each step of the journey, the UK Youth Shaped Team (Check back here for more information on the 9th June) has helped create a brand that captures our dreams for the World Scout Jamboree, and more importantly, shows how we want to act.

As Scouts, we believe that this brand will inspire the movement to proudly show their stripes on key global issues such as sustainability and inclusion.

This badge will be available only to UK Contingent members.

Rob Murray, Deputy UK Contingent Leader (Engagement) said it perfectly in his blog:
"Adults have been involved in the journey as well, I am proud that we have engaged with over 70 stakeholders throughout the journey including the religious Scout Active Support Units, perception volunteers, senior volunteers, past UK Contingent volunteers and our fabulous staff team. I cannot thank our professional staff: Jade and Chris enough for their support with the brand and tone of voice, our amazing designer: Jo, who has brought ‘Dreams and tigers’ to life, and my own team, especially Matthew, Amy, Kester and Christina, for the remarkable time and effort they’ve given.
This project really has highlighted how working together can be done, on a basis of mutual respect.

Think big. Dream wild. Act together.

"From the start, we knew we wanted a brand that tied into the main Scouts skills for life brand, reflect our values and vision.

The 25 World Scout Jamboree will take place in Korea, and the theme for the event is #DrawYourDream. We’ve taken inspiration from this – and the national animal of Korea – to create our brand: ‘Dreams and tigers’.

‘Dreams and tigers’ focuses on the national animal for Korea: the Siberian tiger. This identity is combined with clouds representing the ‘Draw your Dream’ theme. The bold line art of the illustration reflects the Scouts’ linear logo, as well as linking to the Korean’s 4 elements line art on their flag. The tiger symbolises bravery, boldness, warmth and compassion. This has been designed within the cultural context of Korea."

The UK Contingent brand in a nutshell

"In everything we do, we’ll feel and sound inspiring, brave, and forward-thinking, driven by a spirit of strength and togetherness. As a UK Contingent, we’re not afraid to think big, dream wild and act together to create a world that’s better than we could ever imagine.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we respect different faiths, customs, cultural beliefs and inclusion considerations in the development of the brand. That’s why we’ve spoken to such a wide range of people, which is why our brand has been tested for accessibility (and is three-star rated for compliance).

We’ve shared the design with a number of faith groups, including an independent Islamic scholar. We’ve made sure:

  • The tiger depiction won’t be used for the purpose or intent of worship
  • The tiger isn’t ‘complete’. We’ve used shadows for the eyes and removed the mouth for detail, therefore we’re not ‘giving life’ to the animal (This is a respectful point for many faiths)
  • We’ve shown consideration in providing the secondary logo which is the outline of the tiger’s head
  • Long-sleeved clothing will be available for health and religious requirements
We’re pleased to offer a secondary logo too, that feels more informal, links strongly to the primary logo’. This will be a key part of our UK Contingent uniform and kit when we have our full team in place later this year. You’ll know us when you see us!"

This badge is a solidarity badge and will be available to order in August to support the fundraising efforts of the UK Contingent members - watch this space.
Naming the UK Contingent mascot

"The UK Youth Shaped Team is keen that the tiger is seen as a character, not a living animal, and that it is gender-neutral. We’re therefore proud to be launching a national competition to find a name for the tiger, with goods to the value of £100 for the section that proposes the winning name, kindly provided by our friends at Scout Store.

Visit our TikTok channel to see who is in the team!

As a UK Contingent, we’re not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

We also want to create a spirit of togetherness, with inclusivity at the heart. We’re invited to take part in the World Scout Jamboree as a UK Contingent. As such, we’ll be proud to show our stripes and fly the Union Flag.

Our dreams for this World Scout Jamboree will only come true when we work together and show the world that we’re a team.

Supporting this, the final badge and back of the necker will proudly display our primary logo including the Union Flag. Given we are one UK Contingent with units in nations across the UK and in British Scouting overseas, there’ll be no other flags added to the official UK Contingent brand.

Show your stripes:

We know excitement for our official merchandise is starting to build. We’re delighted to say this will be supplied and distributed through Scout Store. We’ll have a general sales badge available from Scout Store in the coming weeks. Working with the team there, we’re adding a small percentage onto the price of each badge to help create a fund to make sure our dream of being an inclusive UK Contingent is turned into a reality.

Let the UK contingent know on social media what you think of the brand using #DreamWild. Do you notice anything in the stripes above (look really hard...)?

So there you have it. We’ve got some exciting opportunities ahead and you’ll see some branded assets being released from the wild once the UK Contingent is in place. Safe to say we’ll be showing our stripes and having plenty of fun with it too. We’re a youth movement after all."

'Sew Your Dream’ The UK Contingent to the 25 World Scout Jamboree is not afraid to be different or stand up for what it believes in. We’ve teamed up with them to proudly offer to Scouts and Guides a special ‘Sew Your Dream’ badge which supports their dream to be the most diverse UK Contingent to attend a World Scout Jamboree. 30% of each badge sale will be donated to the UK Contingent ‘Dream Fund’.