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Poppy & Scouting Uniform Badge 2023
Poppy & Scouting Uniform Badge 2023

Poppy & Scouting Uniform Badge 2023

The woven uniform badge showcases a...The woven uniform badge showcases a dual-petal Poppy alongside the Scouts' fleur de lis symbol, complete with the year 2023.   Read more

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About this product
  • Woven with merrow border
  • Paper backing
  • Size: 4cm diam
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Scouts Stores are proud to introduce a range of products produced in partnership with The Royal British Legion and the Scouts.


This sew-on woven uniform badge features a two petal Poppy and the Scouts fleur de lis emblem with the year 2023. The badge can be worn on your uniform or can be sewn onto a badge blanket or poncho. It is also a great addition to a Scout's badge collection.


50% of the profits from the sale of this product will be paid to the Royal British Legion Trading Limited, which gives its taxable profits to the Royal British Legion (Charity no. 219279) and Poppyscotland (Scottish Charity No. SC014096). The other 50% of the profits will be paid to the Scouts Association (Charity no. 306101).


The Scouts and the Royal British Legion


Our Poppy partnership for 2023

The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support to serving and ex-serving personnel and their families. Scouts were active throughout the world wars, and as such, we want to support the Royal British Legion to remember those who have been and continue to be affected by conflict.


As Scouts, we're privileged to partner with the RBL and have created a joint product range for our members and their families to wear on Remembrance Sunday – and beyond.


More information on the Scouts and the Royal British Legion Partnership and Remembrance can be found on the following links;



the Royal British Legion | Scouts