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Beaver Scout Sports Activity Badge (LTA)

Beaver Scout Sports Activity Badge (LTA)

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To purchase this badge you need to fit the following criteria – be a registered Badge Secretary, Section or Assistant Section Leader or a County or District Administrator.

You’ll need to sign in, enter your details plus your membership number in the Scout ID box.

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About this product
  • Type: Woven with merrow border
  • Size: 40mm

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Beaver Scout Sports Activity Badge (LTA)

How to earn the badge:

  • Play a team sport with the Beavers in your Colony. This could be a game of football, basketball, rounders, cricket, netball, rugby, volleyball or tennis.
  • Understand the rules of that sport.
  • Take part in a sport or physical activity regularly for at least six weeks.
  • Take part in a match, competition, show or pass an exam or achieve a grading for that sport.
  • Show your Lodge, Colony or Explorer Scout Young Leader the skills you have learnt and the equipment you need for your sport. Explain the rules of your sport.

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