Joining Air Scouts?

Joining Air Scouts?

Everything you need to know about Air Scouts

Air Scouting has the same Purpose and Values as any other Scout Troop, and delivers the same Programme, but with an aeronautical twist.

What are Air Scouts?

In Air Scouting, air and aeronautical activities are used as the basis of delivering the Scouting Programme. Air Scouting was established in 1941, and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2016.

In the Scout section, Air Scouting may exist as an Air Scout Group, or there may be an Air Scout Patrol within a typical Scout Troop. Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts in an Air Scout Group follow the same programme as all other Beavers and Cubs, albeit with the likelihood of some air-based activities being provided.

Explorer Air Scouts can be found in Units, and may be directly linked through partnership agreements to Air Scout Groups. Some Air Scout Groups or Units become recognised by the Royal Air Force.

How to join

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A Group may decide to become an Air Scout Group and change their uniform accordingly, if air activities play a major part in the Programme. Groups in which the Scout Troop is an Air Scout Troop may adopt the title Air Scout Group.

The Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts within an Air Scout Group are not known as 'Beaver Air Scouts' or ‘Cub Air Scouts’, as this specialisation starts in the Scout section.

Activities and Achievements

Although activities are based around Air Scouting, the Programme is still based on the UK Scouts activities and learning. For more information see the Scouts blog .

Air Scout Uniform

Air Scouts may wear a light blue shirt and an Air Scout beret with cloth badge/metal badge. Uniform can be found here. Further information about Air Scout uniform, and the placement of badges, can be found in Chapter 10 of POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules).

There is also a navy blue sweatshirt and navy blue baseball cap available as activity wear... Necker’s are usually provided by the Scout Leader.

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