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About the book

It’s such an honour to write a book that’s for Scouts and volunteers of all ages - but especially for those young people who are doing their best to be prepared for the adventure of life ahead - just like I was as a kid.

How to be a Scout is all about passing on all the skills and stories I’ve learned over many years as Chief Scout and Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, and sharing the values that make Scouting such a powerful force for good around the world.

The Scout Movement is one of the greatest families on earth and Scouts embody the spirit and timeless camaraderie that comes through shared outdoor adventures.

It’s a book for anyone who is a Scout, was a Scout or hopes one day to be a Scout - a book that will inspire people to do their best, learn new skills, live life to the full and make a real difference in the world.

Bear Grylls, OBE

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